Solar Energy at UMR5819 SyMMES (CEA-CNRS-UJF)

Current Solar Projects:



NFA-15 (ANR 2017-20)
Persil (ANR 2016-20)
ODYCE (ANR OH-risque 2015-19)
SuperSansPlomb (ANR 2015-18)
QuePhelec (ANR blanc 2013-17)



Former projects: 

Nanokan (ANR blanc 2012-15)
Tandori (ANR progelec 2012-15)
Noxomix (CNRS PES, 2013-14)


EcoDot: Eco-friendly quantum dot based solar cells (Franco-brasilian bilateral project 2014-2018)

Solution-based perovskite QDs for light-emitting devices (Merlion project with NTU Singapore 2017-18)


Adios-Ru (FP7 SME 2012-16)


Main partners:

Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (Spain)
University of St. Andrews (Scotland)
University of Mons (Belgium)
University of Varsaw (Poland
University of Bar-Ilan (Israel)
Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (Korea)
Nanyang Technological University Singapore
Vietnamese Academy of Science & Technology
Universidade Federal de São João del-Rei (Brazil)

University Limoges XLim (Limoges)
Foton (INSA Rennes)
Institut Charles Sadron (Strasbourg)
Ecole Polytechnique (Palaiseau)








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